Monday, April 20, 2009

Stooge Makes Bleating Noises Again

Karzai Wants Explanation for Civilian Killings

"Afghan President Hamid Karzai once again contacted the commander of the international forces in his nation, US General David McKiernan, to request an explanation for the recent spate of civilian deaths over the past few days. McKiernan was also pressed by the media about the incidents."

Karzai complains 2/4/09
Karzai complains 11/26/08
Karzai complains 8/3/07
Karzai complains 9/24/06

This is the guy's job, to pretend things. It's been his job since he was groomed and installed by invading forces in 2001. He's a powerless satrap who'd be removed from office the instant occupying forces left, derided and scorned by Afghanis who remember his past consulting work for Unocal. So he pretends to be the government, gets awarded pretend degrees from american colleges and pretends to be outraged when the occupiers slaughter civilians.
The US response? A pledge to apologize faster when they murder.


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