Saturday, July 14, 2012

Poking, Provoking, Penis Posturing

Dangerous game: 'US almost daring Tehran to strike first'

"With sanctions against Iran gradually showing their ineffectiveness, Washington is escalating the situation in the Persian Gulf, as if encouraging Tehran to attack first, a US politics professor told RT.

­Amid pressure mounting on Tehran, a major Indian company, United India Insurance Co., has agreed to provide insurance for tankers carrying oil from Iran. Insurances are vital for sea transportation. Without insurance, tankers are unable to deliver oil from one destination to another.

The decision of an Indian company means a serious blow to the effectiveness of the US sanctions against Iran in a bid to crank up the pressure over the country's nuclear activities. The sanctions target companies accused of breaching a European ban on buying oil from Tehran.

Simultaneously, to give their sanctions policies some military support, the US is sending fourth air carrier to the Persian Gulf region. It has also been announced that America deploys underwater drones to deal with sea mines Iran might plant in the Strait of Hormuz to block the vital route."

Iran was always the prize. The biggest stumbling block to ziofascist hegemony in the middle east.
Peripheral annoyances to eretz Israel like Iraq and Libya were dispatched with relative ease with the complicit help of totally corrupt MSM.

But Iran is a huge, modern country with a population of 75 million. These Persians are proud people with a cultural history that goes back thousands of years. Unlike the Khazar posers who occupy Palestine and are determined to turn all surrounding ancient cultural remnants - Sumerian, Egyptian, Hittite and Persian - into dusty rubble.

Empire and the ziofascists are aching to smash the fuck out of Iran but the PR reasoning for the general public is a lot more complicated than the other bogus wars. Nobody's falling for this nuclear crap again like the lies with Iraq. Iran has been extremely circumspect and cautious even while being under attack from foreign terrorists. Both Russia and China have said an attack on Iran means world wide war.

So there are only two options to get the war rolling, along empire's PR gameplan.
Goad the Iranians into retaliating for murder and mayhem inside their country, which seems unlikely. Or stage a false flag attack which is blamed on them, which is far more likely.


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