Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Cannes Film Festival makes exception to show Libya propaganda documentary

"This year's Cannes Film Festival, held between May 16 and May 27, has added a documentary essay on last year's U.S.-European war against Libya to its official selection. The selection for the 65th film marathon on Cote d'Azur was already made in April, but the organizers decided last minute that the documentary "The Oath of Tobruk" ("Le Serment de Tobrouk") by French reporter and philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy should be added and receive a special screening."

"While actively participating in the slaughter of innocent civilians and the destruction of Africa's wealthiest country by providing weapons to the rebels and bombing coordinates to NATO, no legal action has been taken against Lévy so far. Instead he has been much lauded for his promotion of the "responsibility to protect" (R2P) for over 30 years. Launching his career in the 1970s with the book La Barbarie à visage humain (Barbarism with a Human Face) which contains an attack on Communism, Lévy can be seen as the godfather of the "humanitarian war".

With any luck it'll be booed off the screen.


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