Saturday, June 16, 2012

Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

Fossil Fuel, Nuclear Fission, Central Banking, War

"Sense those hooves pounding around the world?

Little surprise that these four bedfellows have in their reins the fate of humanity, even life on Earth. Profit and conquest are all that matter; there is no such thing as enough, only, more.

King Coal’s aerosols leave hardly a place on Earth free from coal-fired power plant mercury pollution. Even fish in the most “pristine” waters are all tagged by coal. The majestic bluefin tuna, world’s most valuable fish—high in the food chain guarantees high mercury. Pacific bluefin ultimate posterfish for the biosphere? Fished to the brink of oblivion, survivors radioactive.

Fukushima is a volcano of radioactivity in the most seismic region on Earth; fresh tremors promise eruptions setting new standards for the term, “cataclysmic”. We really are pushing into new frontiers, where numbers quantifying the menace at Fukushima seem more suited for cosmology.

Latest word from corporate mouthpieces of the elite: “Ssshhhhh. Don’t worry, be happy.”

Mix in the perpetual debt machine of Rothschild-controlled central banking (Bankula), and if the biosphere functions long enough, inevitably, Bankula will own everything from the ionosphere to the Mariana trench. The whole planet. It’s all been set up that way, plans laid long ago, executed over centuries."



Anonymous greencrow said...


Don't forget the deliberate distruction of our atmosphere. Here's an e-mail I sent the CBC weather department today:

"Who can I call to complain about the constant chemtrailing of Vancouver skies? I am 65 years old so I know this did not happen in my youth, or even 15 years ago. This morning when I looked out there was not a cloud in the sky for the first day in weeks. Then, on my way to work, I saw what I call the "busy little bees" (high flying jets spewing white chemtrails in streams throughout the sky) criss-crossing the Vancouver skyline.

By early afternoon there was a heavy haze blocking the sunlight struggling to get through. By evening, on my way home, the sky was completely white...all artifically created haze. Frankly, I'm getting sick of it!

I don't know what bothers me the most...the blocking of natural sunlight from MY sky by some unknown entity...or the refusal of the mainstream media to acknowledge this is going on and to look into it. I pay for the CBC through my taxes and I demand that you ask what is going on!

I want to know who thinks they have the power to artificially block out healing sunlight and spread chemicals in our atmosphere day after day after day after day.

Please, some answers!"


20/6/12 5:33 PM  
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