Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Battleship flops at US box office

"Battleship, Rihanna's latest film, has overtaken John Carter as the worst ever US opening box office flop compared to the size of its budget.

The naval war film, which sees the singer in her first major role, cost $209 million (£133m) to make but only took $25.3 million (£16m) in its first weekend.

The Dictator also didn't do as well as expected for its first weekend in the US.

Both films lost out to The Avengers.

The comic superhero film is still number one at the box office in America.
Male audience

In Battleship, 24-year-old Rihanna, plays a tough naval petty officer and although the singer appears a lot in the film, she never says more than one line at a time.

According to market research firm CinemaScore the movie has struggled to attract young movie-goers.

Fifty-five percent of its audience were at least 30 years old, according to CinemaScore and men accounted for 57% of ticket sales.

The film now overtakes notorious box office flop John Carter, starring Taylor Kitsch, as having the worst domestic opening in the US made with a budget of at least $200 million (£126m). Taylor Kitsch is also in Battleship.

Next weekend is the Memorial Day holiday in the US with Universal hoping that will help boost sales.

Battleship has so far earned $226.8 million (£143m) overseas, which could help the movie to recover from its disappointing opening in the States."

I watched this execrable naval recruiting piece of junk this morning. It was a screen capture, meaning it was recorded in a theater somewhere, probably in China because of Chinese characters appearing now and then. But it was done professionally so it was watchable but not for it's content.
It's so stupid it's not even worth reviewing but I will say a few things.
Whatever dues Liam Neeson had to pay to appear in it as a box office draw he paid it off in spades. He's heavy in the trailer but actually has only a bit part. With the version I saw you could hear the audience break out in spontaneous laughter all through the movie. Taylor Kitsch should find another line of work.

May 30 1942

"Returning home from a night of drinking and reminiscing about the recent death of John Barrymore, movie star Errol Flynn flips on the lights and is horrified to discover Barrymore's corpse propped up in a living room chair. Some of Flynn's friends had given a funeral director $200 to borrow the body for a couple of hours."


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