Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sadistic Fools Never Learn

Sad to say, this happened to me.
I was going to catholic school in New York and was seven years old. At that miserable place they would march the entire class to the bathroom twice a day whether you had to go or not. Unfortunately for me I had a terribly full bladder too early in the morning for one of those bathroom trips and even though I kept raising my hand for permission to go relieve myself, the teacher kept denying me, even threatening punishment for keeping on asking.
So a little boy had to let fly where he sat.
You can imagine the shameful embarrassment of sitting in a wet seat with a dripping puddle on the floor. Of course one of the other kids told the teacher. That disgusting school threw me out the door that day and left me on my own even though I took the bus to school and didn't know how to get home. They never even called my parents.
I had to walk in my wet pants into the nearest town. I found a policewoman who until my dying day I'll never forget for her loving kindness to a hurting small kid. I even think she took her jacket off and wrapped it me while she called my mother up.
Pure madness.


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