Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wanna Be Elliot Ness?

New technology gives you the option and the BATF says hey that's OK.

Gun laws have been strict for decades about full auto fire. The so called machine gun, which fires bullets in rapid succession, has been tightly controlled with purchase and possession contingent on high fees and special federal permits. Semi automatic firearms which fire one cartridge with every pull of the trigger are legal and ubiquitous and of course are perennial targets of anti gunners. The difference between them used to be cut and dried for the most part.

For people who wanted to have fun going out shooting there's always been something called bumpfire. It's a way to keep pressure on the trigger of a semi automatic gun and utilizing the recoil to quickly activate a new shot. It was always done at hip level, a la cowboy style, and was inaccurate and dangerous, but fun to do if you wanted to waste ammo.
Here are a couple of vids demonstrating this technique.
This one of a blob bump firing a Glock went viral a year ago:

Here's an AR 15 using the same process:

Like I said, dangerous and inaccurate.
Enter the innovators.

Now I'm not trying to sell anything here, as a matter of fact I don't think I'd ever spend the money to turn my AK into a machine gun. Aside from the fun aspect shooting out in the desert and possible bladder release factor amongst gremlins downrange I can't see the use. Full auto just races through the ammo. But it's interesting that these new sliding bumpfire stocks are fully legal according to the BATF, and I would assume that won't last very long. Expect a wailing hue and cry about the dangers from the Brady Bunch even though we haven't yet been swamped with full auto mass murders.
However the inexpensive, quick action, dependable, high capacity AK is simply the best damn self defense tool ever made.


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