Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Surrogate Blood Engorged Vagina Glop Proves Deadly

400 Popular Lipstick Shades Found to Contain Lead

"Beauty and body care products are continually being ousted as toxin-containing health destroyers. A recent study has added further cause for alarm, finding that 400 shades of popular lipstick contained lead. Of course the FDA is assuring consumers that this lead exposure is completely safe, failing to act once more regarding serious health threats lurking in consumer products. The FDA said that lipstick is not meant to be ingested, and is for topical use only. Therefore, it is ‘completely safe’."

Yes, and the air in NY after 9/11 was determined to be completely safe.
"Makeup" is all about trying to enhance physical attributes to be fuckable when you're unsure about yourself, and advertisers make certain you're constantly unsure about yourself to sell their clients' goo. Psychologists have long determined that ruby red lips are supposed to advertise a willing crotch.
Google "kohl".
I'm kind of glad to say in my life I never passionately kissed a girl or woman with stupidly painted lips.
Guess I'm just an old hippy who looks a little deeper..


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