Thursday, February 02, 2012

MSM Continues To Carry Water For Ziofascists By Demonizing Syria And Russia

Russia vows to carry on selling arms to Syria's 'brutal, dictatorial regime'

"Russia will not stop selling arms to Syria, a top defense official said Thursday, as Moscow stands by its longtime ally despite mounting international condemnation over the Syrian regime's bloody crackdown on a 10-month-old uprising.

Russia's Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov said his country is not violating any international obligations by selling weapons to Damascus.

"As of today there are no restrictions on our delivery of weapons," he told journalists in Russia, according to the country's state news agencies. "We must fulfill our obligations and this is what we are doing."

Moscow has been one of Syria's most powerful allies — along with Iran — as Syria tries to crush the revolt against President Bashar Assad. The U.N. estimates that more than 5,400 people have been killed in the government crackdown."

Let's parse this crap out. Let's notice the quotes around 'brutal dictatorial regime'. Those are apparently Hillary Clinton's words, emanating from the piehole of one of the most disgraceful secretary of states in the history of the country.
"International condemnation" of Syrian resistance to terrorist destabalizers is only limited to empire and it's vassal states. Most of the world understand exactly who's instigating the violence and death.
The fascists desperately want you to believe this is yet another people's revolution. They want us to destroy Syria for Israel under the pretext of ~humanitarian intervention~ just like the progressive Libyan society was obliterated.
Last sentence in the article above makes it seem like the dead are all the fault of the vile, murderous Syrian government.
Far from it


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