Sunday, February 19, 2012

Important Issue In French Presidential Race

All meat in Paris is halal, meaning acceptable to Muslims.
A subtle way of saying it's not kosher and there's too many ayrabs.

France far-right candidate Le Pen claims all meat in Paris is halal

"LILLE, France — French far right leader Marine Le Pen switched her presidential campaign back to immigration, claiming all meat in Paris was halal, as she tries to head off President Nicolas Sarkozy's attempts to lure her supporters.

At a weekend congress of her National Front party in the northern city of Lille, Le Pen returned to familiar anti-immigration territory, saying she had proof that all meat in Paris was halal and that she would lodge legal complaints against distributors for misleading consumers.

"This situation is a real deception and the government has been fully aware of this situation for months," Le Pen told reporters on the sidelines of the conference. "All the abattoirs in the Paris region sell halal meat without exception."


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