Thursday, December 01, 2011

All Kinds Of Sick Reasons For The US To Have Slaughtered Pakistanis

The Pentagon knew full well that it was attacking and killing Pakistani border guards last week, regardless of the pitiful excuses it came up with:

"Pakistan Major General Ishfaq Nadeem, director general of military operations, rebutted Washington’s assertions one by one, commenting, "The positions of the posts were already conveyed to the ISAF through map references and it was impossible that they did not know these to be our posts."

Over the years the US military repeatedly killed Pakistani troops and civilians and blithely dismissed calls to end drone and helicopter attacks. This mind numbing incident seems insane on the face of it if you believe the pablum we're handed in the MSM. I think the real reasons for it had nothing whatsoever to do with the ziofascist-like excuse of 'they attacked us first'.

For one thing the US military declared war on Pakistan several years ago. The fascists decided to create a civil war there and the country is scheduled to be balkanized and broken up along ethnic lines. Classic divide and conquer like pitting the Sunnis against the Shiites in Iraq. As WEbster Tarpley puts it:

"The US strategy can best be understood as a deliberate effort at persecuting, harassing, antagonizing, strafing, repressing, and murdering the Pashtuns. The additional 40,000 US and NATO forces which Obama demands for Afghanistan will concentrate in Helmand province and other areas where the Pashtuns are in the majority. The net effect will be to increase the rebellion of the fiercely independent Pashtuns against Kabul and the foreign occupation, and at the same time to push many of these newly radicalized mujaheddin fighters across the border into Pakistan , where they can wage war against the central government in Islamabad . US aid will flow directly to war lords and drug lords, increasing the centrifugal tendencies."

The goal is to create chaos and destroy the Pakistani government in an attempt to set the whole region on fire. Order out of chaos donchaknow. A little reported factoid is that the Taliban are recruited as proxy allies in doing this. The entire fairy tale of "fighting terrorism" is a whopping lie when the supposed enemy is funded by taxpayer dollars and Al qaeda is a CIA front group. Bloodlust and mayhem will only increase as the fascists get their way and export the Afghan civil war into Pakistan.

It's a surrogate war against China, bringing turmoil and ataxia right to it's borders because the Masters Of The Universe in Washington want to eventually do the same to that country. It's also the highest stakes point of the Great Game so far seeing as both Pakistan and China have nukes and China has repeatedly warned Washington to back off. The two countries have strong military ties. But the psychopaths have their marching orders from Tel Aviv to snatch and grab Pakistan's bombs; nuclear war is a real possibility and might even be actually desirable as the world economy collapses in a smoldering heap. The manufactured chaos is probably going to be a smokescreen to invade and steal the nuclear weapons.

But back to the border slaughter. Why would the US risk inflaming Islamabad so much that they would close the border with Afghanistan and make resupplying american troops orders of magnitude more complicated and costly? Since the fascists always do things for multiple benefits, I think this was one of the desired outcomes. Getting supplies to the occupiers' 400 bases in Afghanistan has always been insanely expensive - US Pays $400 Per Gallon For Gas In Afghanistan: Pentagon - to as high as $1000 per gallon for remote locations, but taxpayer dollars are in seemingly infinite supply to all involved with this criminal war scam. So they're going to really open the spigots now. What, you want to starve the troops?
It's like walking into a Las Vegas casino - you can smell the insanity and greed.

The Psycopaths' Push For War With Pakistan


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