Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Sex Toys Of The Rich And Famous

What, you thought that the ultra rich used garden variety plastic dildos and common buggy whips?
Just like everything else the privileged few demand expensive intimate playthings to separate themselves from the hoi polloi.

"Whether you're in the 99 percent or the 1 percent, sex is the one thing that unifies us all. It's not like the richest people on earth can upgrade to platinum genitals that fire aphrodisiac darts, right? Right?

Well, no they can't. But it turns out that rich people have access to all sorts of insane sex toys that the rest of us had no idea even existed. So the next time you see a celebrity or political sex scandal in the news, there's a chance they might have been using...

#14. Gold-Plated Prostate Massager

Cost: $990

At first blush, this is just an 18-karat-gold-plated door handle. Then you read the description, "gentleman's pleasure object," and realize it's made to go up your butthole.

So now you have a classy gold tool that you might use to tickle your prostate discreetly in the country club sauna or furiously on the bow of your yacht, depending on how desensitized wealth has made you. But wait, what are those things that come with it? Travel prostate massagers? Actually, they're cufflinks, so you can advertise your favorite sex toy brand at black-tie galas, funerals and cancer fundraisers.

#12. Platinum Vibrator With Encrusted Diamonds Cost: $3,250

#9. Sterling Silver and Cherry Wood Spanking Rod Cost: $3,066



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