Sunday, October 09, 2011

Seattle Cops Ticketing Horn Honking Occupy Supporters

More Seattle:

15 homeless shelters set to close Monday

"SEATTLE -- Spending cuts are forcing a Seattle organization to close 15 indoor shelters Monday, putting about 300 homeless people on the streets, the group said.
SHARE/WHEEL, the organization that runs the shelters, said it has run out of money. The homeless-run shelters rely heavily on government spending, but this year they lost a giant chunk of federal money, which came through a FEMA grant.
"We really need a stable source of funding," said Jarvis Capucion, who is homeless and serves on SHARE/WHEEL's board of directors.
A large amount of the money goes to bus tickets, which allow those who use the shelter to travel to other parts of the city during the day. The tickets are necessary to keep homeless people from lingering in neighborhoods near the shelters, something many sites require in exchange for using their space.
Capucion said many people are afraid to sleep on the streets. They are hearing reports that six homeless people have died in the past two months."

Israel To Seek $20 Billion More in U.S. Aid


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Over my flaming, burning dradle!

12/10/11 4:56 PM  

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