Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Real Action That Will Hit Them Hard

Occupy Wall Street Plans Mass Close-Out of Chase Bank Accounts

"This Saturday the Occupy Wall Street movement will engage in a day of action. A number of events are planned, but the highlight appears to be the Move Your Money action. The event will lead occupants, workers, families, students, and other concerned citizens in a march to Chase's HQ on Wall Street with a mission: To move your money from a big, irresponsible bank like Chase to a local credit union or other account.

So why should the green-minded care? Because Chase continues to be one of the biggest bankrollers of coal, and the hideous practice of mountaintop removal mining.

It's a rather perfect illustration of the sort of injustice that Occupy Wall Street is seeking to combat: The richest 1% using the 99%'s money to fund an environmentally-devastating practice they do not condone (the vast, vast majority of Americans want to see mountaintop removal mining end ASAP). It's an example of how a few wealthy individuals use concentrated capital to influence society for their own gain -- at the expense of a public that happens to like their mountains intact."


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