Monday, September 26, 2011

Fascist Stooges Create Their Own Enemies

Authoritarianism 101.

North Miami Beach: Threatening blog post traced to police computer

"(MIAMI HERALD) North Miami Beach police are investigating a threatening submission to a resident’s blog that was posted using a city-issued computer.

The anonymous post invited criminals to pay a visit to two outspoken city activists.

The statements under investigation were submitted to gadfly Stephanie Kienzle’s blog and was traced back to a city-issued police department computer, North Miami Beach Major Kathy Katerman confirmed.

Kienzle, who sent a letter to the police department requesting an investigation last week, never published the post on her site — which requires the moderators to approve submissions — but did save the text.

In the post, the writer defends the police department against proposed cuts the during the city’s budget process. The poster wrote, “There has been a tremendous amount of good work done by the North Miami Beach PD. There is a lot of crime deterred, caught, and handled by the PD. The speciality units that are being threatened to be dismantled are only going to assist the criminals. Gangs and criminals only look for opportunities.”

The poster called out two council meeting regulars who have supported the city’s call to reduce the police force. In the post, resident Mubarak Kazan, who is Muslim, is called “Al-Jazzerri” and Bert Kehren, of resident German heritage, a “Nazi.” The poster goes on to say, “criminals, here it is” — followed by a description of Kazan’s house and directions to where both men live. The poster tells the criminals to “have fun.”

“That wasn’t very cool,” Kienzle said. “I wasn’t going to publish residents’ addresses and let someone say, ‘Criminals, go get them’. I felt that it was necessary to bring it to the attention of the police chief.”

North Miami Beach police declined to provide further details citing an ongoing investigation that will likely be completed in the coming days.

Yes of course. Sure.


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