Monday, August 15, 2011

Ron Paul Doesn't Exist

Say what you want about any of the entities, I don't call them candidates because all national elections are a corrupt farce, but the deliberate exclusion of Ron Paul is a fascinating glimpse into how only corporate darlings get the attention and the ink.

The GOP's Three to Beat

"The Republican nomination race has suddenly metamorphosed from a snooze fest into a three-way smack down with a fascinating cast of characters. Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry, two aggressive, charismatic religious conservatives, will spend the next few months vying for values voters and the role of chief alternative to Mitt Romney. As for Romney, the econo-centric envoy from the Eastern establishment, he's about to be forced off the sidelines by a pair with hair as good as his.

"That phase is over now," GOP strategist Alex Vogel says of frontrunner Romney's Rose Garden strategy. "Perry is an unproven but legitimate threat to Romney's inevitability. Romney needs to engage now or risk losing the spotlight indefinitely."

The new top tier of Bachmann, Perry, and Romney-created by Bachmann's Iowa straw poll win, Perry's entry into the race, and Romney's lead so far in many national and state polls-has unleashed torrents of talk about the reshaped race."

Gag me.


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