Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Gargantuan Military Rip Off Continues

The Unstoppable Massively Expensive Shit Project Syndrome.

Entire U.S. Stealth Fighter Fleet Grounded

"In past few decades, the U.S. Air Force has spent untold billions researching and developing a family of stealth fighter jets that are supposed to be generations ahead of any dogfighters in the sky.

But after building more than 170 F-22 Raptors and a handful of F-35 Joint Strike Fighters, not a single one is available for service. The Air Force currently has zero flyable stealth fighters. None.

The vaunted F-22 has been grounded with a possible faulty oxygen system since May. Production of the last few Raptors is even on hold, because the jets can’t fly from the factory.

Last week, test flights for the newer F-35 were suspended, too, because of a valve problem in the plane’s integrated power package. It’s the third time this year that JSFs have been grounded. Tests may resume as early as next week. Then again, they may not.

Yesterday, the U.S. military committed to spending another $535 million to buy 38 more Joint Strike Fighters — a family of stealth jets that are supposed to become the multipurpose, affordable workhorses of tomorrow’s fleet. Ninety percent of America’s combat aviation power is eventually supposed to come from the jets’ three variants.

But the jets have been anything but cheap. The current cost for the JSF program is $382 billion and rising for more than 2,400 aircraft. No wonder just about every major deficit reduction plan scales back the JSF effort in some way.

And, at the moment, they’re not producing any combat power, either."

flashback 2000 - Marines put Osprey on hold Service says investigation of hybrid aircraft's crash could take months

"WASHINGTON -- The Marine Corps suspended flights of its four remaining MV-22 Osprey aircraft Monday as crews began recovering remains from Saturday's crash, which killed 19 Marines."

flashback 2010 - Osprey Crash Kills 4 in Afghanistan

"KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- A U.S. Air Force tilt-rotor aircraft crashed in southeastern Afghanistan, killing three servicemembers and one government contractor, NATO said Friday.

Other personnel aboard were injured and were taken to a military base for treatment, NATO said."

Boeing Overcharges Taxpayers By Up To 177,000 Percent For Army Helicopter Parts


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