Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chosen Only

Israel is suing a group of Bedouin in the Negev desert for the costs of demolishing their village each time they rebuild it

"The claim for more than $500,000 in damages was lodged at an Israeli court on Tuesday.

Israel’s justice ministry says the aim is to “maintain the rule of law and the public purse”.

The Bedouin say they will continue to reconstruct their homes in al-Araqib, to which they claim historic rights.

The Israeli state is the registered owner of the land to the south of the Negev city of Rahat.

The Bedouin say they have repeatedly asked for planning permits for their makeshift homes but they have been refused. The Israeli authorities say the land is reserved for agricultural use.

Last July, an eviction order was issued and Israeli security forces moved in to destroy 45 homes, animal pens and other structures.

Since then the Israeli authorities have demolished structures in al-Araqib more than 20 times. Each time, the Bedouin return and rebuild."


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