Thursday, June 02, 2011

What We Have Is A Criminal Mob, Making It Up As It Goes Along

Working for corporate interests, not ours, publicly sucking off Israel, lying whenever they open their mouths, willing to murder indiscriminately, destroying the nation according to a long held fascist agenda, counting on fluoridated dullards not noticing.
And all at the point of a gun.

Is That Even Legal?

"If the U.S. Constitution says one thing, a treaty ratified by the United States says another, a law passed by Congress yet another, and another law passed by Congress another thing still, while a signing statement radically changes that last law but itself differs with an executive order, all of which statements of law conflict with a number of memos drafted by the Office of Legal Council (some secret and some leaked), but a President has announced that the law is something completely different from all of this, and in practice the government defies all of the above including the presidential announcement . . . in such a case, the obvious but possibly pointless question arises: what's legal?"


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