Monday, June 06, 2011

Mother Nature Warns Us With A Mushroom Shaped Volcanic Cloud

Threat To Thousands From Chilean Volcano

"Thousands of people in Chile have spent another night away from home as volcanoes in the south of the country continue to erupt.

Large columns of smoke have been rising from a mountain range about 500 miles south of the capital Santiago, blackening skies across the region and into neighbouring Argentina.

More than 3,500 people were evacuated at the weekend from their homes near the volcano, and took shelter in government accommodation or friends' homes.

There have been no reported injuries.

One group of 122 people moved from a shelter for fear that the eruption could cause flooding on the Nilahue River.

Ash is being blown towards neighbouring Argentina and the border crossing between the two countries has been closed.

Officials there urged people to cover their mouths and noses against the ash, to stock up on food and water and stay indoors if possible."


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