Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ziofascists Desperately Want War On Pakistan

Nato helicopter attacks Pakistan army post

"A Nato helicopter attacked a Pakistani army post near the Afghan border, injuring two Pakistani soldiers in an incident that could further increase tensions following the US raid that killed Osama bin Laden, Pakistani intelligence officials said."

One thing after another now and I'm sure the reptiles have a lot more in store. The provocations are coming fast and furious as exemplified by this headline from April 22-
U.S. drones kill 25 in Pakistan near Afghan border just 1 day after complaints from Pakistan

It's becoming clearer now what empire had in store literally for decades - a muslim state with nuclear weapons has to be destroyed because it threatens Israel hegemony in the middle east. 9/11 was like an onion with many layers, and one of the facets was to create the "muslim threat" to create a police state here and endless war abroad, mostly for zionist interests. The Bin Laden and Al Qaeda hoax all these years served the overlords' interests well and pretending he was in Pakistan was meant to end that ruse and move on to the next stage in world domination - the occupation and dismantling of Pakistan.

That's why since 1992 Israel has courted India, so much so that it's India's second largest arms supplier , and in 2008 they launched Israel’s most sophisticated spy satellite into orbit.

But cooporation with the ziofascists has it's price and of course it's the people who pay it. That Mumbai terror attack in November 2008 was yet another false flag operation that corrupt MSM tells us was carried out by Pakistan's ISI, again blaming the designated patsies and setting them up for future destruction. Up to seven of the murderers were British, probably highly trained MI6 mind controlled operatives, and some were white skinned. It was carried out by the Mossad with Hindutvadi India’s RAW serving as a close partner and the CIA providing additional support. Here's the official story at Wikipedia:

"The 2008 Mumbai attacks (often referred to as November 26 or 26/11) were more than 10 coordinated shooting and bombing attacks across Mumbai, India's largest city, by Islamic terrorists who invaded from Pakistani seawaters. The terrorists who carried out the reconnaissance before the attacks later stated that the attacks were conducted with the support of Pakistan's secret service, the ISI. The attacks, which drew widespread global condemnation, began on 26 November 2008 and lasted until 29 November, killing 164 people and wounding at least 308."

But a convenienty overlooked part of that saga was the fact that a Jewish center in Mumbai called the Nariman House seems to have had an uncomfortably close relationship with the murderers:

"Meanwhile, commandos on Friday ended a similar standoff at the office of the ultra-orthodox Jewish group Chabad Lubavitch by lowering themselves from helicopters and blowing a hole in the office wall.

During the operation, the commandos killed two militants, only to discover the bodies of the six hostages inside, the city's police chief confirmed.

Two of the hostages killed were identified as Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife, Rivka, the couple who ran the centre, said a spokesman for the Chabad-Lubavitch movement. Their 18-month-old son had been one of three people rescued from the centre on Thursday.

In a telephone interview with CBC News from outside the centre, freelance journalist Arun Asthhana said there are reports that some of the militants had stayed at a guest house there for up to 15 days before the attacks.

"They had a huge mass of ammunition, arms and food there," Asthhana said."

More than likely the rabbi and his wife were killed when their usefulness had ended and needed to be out of the way, and they may have been shot by Indian commandos, either by mistake or on purpose.
So this frame up of Pakistan continues, with the country being attacked from abroad, slandered with lies, and subverted internally by CIA spooks like that Raymond Davis thug, who was found to have been supplying CIA front Al Qaeda and the Taliban, the very enemies we're supposed to be fighting. The Islamic republic with 170 million people is slated for destruction and balkanization at the behest of reptilian ziofascist monsters, and Barack Peace Laureate Obama is more than willing to oblige.



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