Friday, March 18, 2011

Propagandists For International Ziofascism Get Their Way

Neo-Libs Rejoice As UN Declares War On Libya

"Neo-libs everywhere are rejoicing. Remember – war is evil unless it’s sprinkled with the magic pixie dust of UN endorsement and “humanitarian” rhetoric, in which case the dead bodies, the terror, and the screaming children are all worth it. The fact that Libya is the richest oil nation on the entire African continent is a mere coincidence. Go back to sleep – basketball is on the TV. Soon you’ll be able to crack open a 6 pack and enjoy the air strikes like you would a Dwyane Wade slam dunk."

A reader comment at the site sums it up: "So it’s official now, the UN has declared war on Libya. Now many Libyans will die and the country’s infrastructure will be crippled. Libya’s relatively high standard of living will plummet. The invasion will bring death, disease, insecurity and terror for Libyans. Why? To install permanent US military bases to protect the foreign corporate rape and pillage of Libya’s resources."

The above comment is completely true. Propagandists have been working overtime to convince the unwary that Libya was just like all the other popular protests, when it's been anything but since the beginning. This was planned to happen this way. The Libyan people indeed have a far higher standard of living than other countries in turmoil. And whatever grievances they had with Gaddafi certainly wouldn't have erupted in full blown military coup style, without that little nudge from the usual suspects.

Now the Death Industry can get to play with their toys murdering Libyan society back to the stone age a la their fine humanitarian efforts in Iraq, IMO another public demonstration of what to expect if you don't accept what your masters tell you to do.

The country closed it's airspace and Gaddafi called for a cease fire, but that probably won't deter the cruise missiles from flying. The globalists are itching to deliver some shock and awe but dividing Libya in half to separate Gaddafi from the eastern oil fields along with a permanent US military base will be quite acceptable. Looks like Castro was right, doesn't it? Chavez too. Shame on anyone who bought this bullshit, and this wag the dog bullshit.

War Cheerleader Gets A Big Win
- with a photo showing just how hard it is trying not to shapeshift in public.


Anonymous greencrow said...





18/3/11 1:59 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Remarkable, actually. He speaks unvarnished truth, I just hope his group's abilities have as much veracity and capabilities as he claims.

18/3/11 3:01 PM  
Anonymous greencrow said...

Hey Nolo:

Little did you or I know that we were both White Dragons : )


18/3/11 4:33 PM  
Anonymous Nz said...

Dang, the friggin sound went out on my com last friday and I can't fix it! Would've loved to hear what this guy was talking about!

19/3/11 6:52 AM  

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