Friday, February 11, 2011

MSM Responds To The Vast And Growing Wealth Gap

Too bad some of us are old enough to remember a similar ploy.

Michelle Obama wows in a $35 dress

"First Lady Michelle Obama appeared on the "Today" show yesterday to talk to Matt Lauer about a number of issues, including President Obama's job performance and the fact that he now has quit smoking. She also dispelled rumors that her husband dyes his grey hair and spoke about not letting her daughters on the social network site Facebook.

But, in the fashion world, the big news from Mrs. Obama's interview was her choice of dress. The first lady wore a breezy, feminine, polka-dot piece, not from some fancy big-name designer, but off-the-rack and available for $34.95 from Swedish company H&M."

Nixon's Checkers Address - Pat has a respectable republican cloth coat!


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