Sunday, January 23, 2011

Taliban Release Video Showing Homes Blown Up By Nato


Anonymous Anonymous said...

check this out

Military HAARP & Major Worldwide Seismic Activity

earthquake activity is from jan 12 and 13th.

check out the navy's map of what the US will look like after all these major quakes take place. San Francisco will definitely be completely under water along with all of Southern California. Bad stuff here.

But, hey if you live in Red states like Texas, you're high and dry!

23/1/11 6:21 AM  
Anonymous Nz said...

Turalya Wesa, the Goober of Kandahar, is obviously a fascist capitalist worried that the compensation will cut into his share of the pie. Machiavellian US Imperialists have taught him well.

Lying with a straight face works so well in America it has become one of the foremost exports of US democracy.

23/1/11 10:09 AM  

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