Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Afghanistan Mass Murderer To Shed Crocadile Tears At Shooting Photo Op

Obama Addresses Nation About Tucson Shooting

I'm not going to quote any of the blah blah crappola from this ABC puff piece of junk.

Look for Obama to blame hate speech. That seems to be how the fascists are spinning this incident, pointing to inflammatory rhetoric that supposedly influenced the Tucson shooter.
Now I detest so called right wing personas such as Beck and Palin who love to blithely spew incendiary statements and have crosshairs on their websites and all that attention gathering stupidity. But the problem we face at the moment is that the current fascists in power are going to use the red herring of "hate speech" to attack the first amendment and step on the throat of internet free expression.

I'm waiting to see just how much constitution shredding that's going to go on before I decide whether this shooting event was instigated by the very voices who want to exploit it.


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