Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Strangely, Doobs For Food Wildly Successfull

Free pot promotion brings in tons of food donations at Calif. medical marijuana dispensary

"SOQUEL, Calif. (AP) — A California medical marijuana dispensary has raked in food donations with a unique offer: free pot.The Granny Purps dispensary in Soquel (soh-KEL'), about 60 miles southeast of San Francisco, offered a complimentary marijuana cigarette for every four cans of food a patient brought in this holiday season. Each patient was limited to a maximum of three cigarettes a day.The Santa Cruz Sentinel reports that the dispensary took in 11,000 pounds of food and handed out 2,000 marijuana cigarettes between November and Christmas Eve, when the promotion ended.

The food was donated to the Second Harvest Food Bank.Second Harvest spokesman Danny Keith says Granny Purps, which only has eight employees, contributed the amount of food that would normally come from a business with 30 to 40 workers."


Anonymous Nz said...

That's the kind of mm dispensary we need around here. Unfortunately, even if they tried it, the cops and feds would probly shut it down, arrest the people running it, and confiscate all the pot.

All this would happen and hungry people might never see the food because it was involved with an illegal operation.

30/12/10 3:42 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

That's a shame Nz, my location just passed laws allowing medical pot. This was a rare little nugget of bright news to find - people enjoy free buzzes, the hungry get to eat and the dispensary gets more well known and a favorable reputation.
But you can't have win/win/win situations like this if there's a cop anywhere in your general vicinity.

30/12/10 4:47 AM  

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