Saturday, November 20, 2010

No Happy Holidays For Millions

Can we stop calling this a recession?

Two million lose unemployment benefits at year-end

"The House of Representatives voted down a bill to extend jobless benefits. Republicans blocked the measure arguing it would add to the deficit. Meanwhile, two million people will lose their benefits by the end of the year."

Personally I'm not in good shape myself. I've put Navajo rugs, cords of firewood, sets of tires, furniture, guns and a vehicle up for sale on Craigslist and other peddling sites at rock bottom prices. I've had ads for around $8,000 worth of goods up for a half year and haven't sold a sinle thing. Nobody in the area is buying anything.
We're in a rural place and we're seeing people moving out all over. And a new trend - scavengers. They're stripping houses of anything of value. Two guys brazenly drove up my drive and got out, walking around to check the place out and see if anyone lived here. The nearest neighbors all left so we have all the privacy in the world but that means thieves will eyeball places like ours with greater interest.
It's getting very bad.


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