Monday, October 25, 2010

Quick, Let's All Speculate What The Outcome Will Be

BP to fund Fla. seafood inspections

"TALLAHASSEE — Oil giant BP has agreed to pay Florida $20 million over the next three years to cover the cost of seafood inspections and a marketing campaign, Agriculture Commissioner Charlie Bronson will announce Monday.
"We think the plan is sound, we believe that it will protect the consumers across the nation," Bronson said.

The agreement splits the money: $10 million for inspection programs and $10 million for marketing, Bronson said.

He stressed that no contamination of Florida seafood has been found since the April 20 explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig off the coast of Louisiana."

"Last night on the news, they reported a fish kill. Before we went to work, I went to the beach by the harbor. The seagulls were everywhere. As for the dead fish, the only ones on the beach, were ones that the tide had left when it went back out. The rest of the 'Fish Kill,' was laying underwater, on the bottom. It was mainly flounder and crab. We only spotted two dead flounder floating that day. I can only imagine how many were on the bottom ... I went back to the beach after work. The tide had gone out and the seagulls were eating all the dead fish that had been exposed. You could still see dead fish underwater, still on the bottom. Dead fish don't float anymore?"
The Tillman's primary concern is the rampant use of toxic dispersants by what they described as private contractors working in unregistered boats, that regularly were going out into the Gulf as they and other VOO teams were coming in from their days' work. There was, oftentimes, so much dispersant on top of the water, their boat left a trail."


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