Monday, June 14, 2010

When Cop Egos Endanger Lives

Hero raft guide shames cops, gets arrested

"Clear Creek sheriff's deputies on Thursday arrested a rafting guide for swimming to a stranded young rafter who had tumbled from his boat on Clear Creek.
Ryan Daniel Snodgrass, a 28-year-old guide with Arkansas Valley Adventures rafting company, was charged with "obstructing government operations," said Clear Creek Sheriff Don Krueger.
"He was told not to go in the water, and he jumped in and swam over to the victim and jeopardized the rescue operation," said Krueger, noting that his office was deciding whether to file similar charges against another guide who was at the scene just downstream of Kermitts Roadhouse on U.S. 6.
Duke Bradford, owner of Arkansas Valley Adventures, said Snodgrass did the right thing by contacting the 13-year-old Texas girl immediately and not waiting for the county's search and rescue team to assemble ropes, rafts and rescuers.
"When you have someone in sight who has taken a long swim, you need to make contact immediately," said Bradford, a 15-year rafting guide and ski patroller from Summit County. "This is just silly. Ryan Snodgrass acted entirely appropriately. These guys came to the scene late and there was a rescue in progress. They came in and took over an existing rescue. To leave a patient on the side of a river while you get your gear out of the car and set up a rescue system you read about in a book is simply not good policy."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ryan is one of the most physically fit persons anyone will meet, and he has over a decade of whitewater guide experience. If the situation was too dangerous for him to jump in, that means the girl had little to no chance without a fast response

14/6/10 12:11 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Although I'm getting long in the tooth and my best physical days are behind me, I've had decades of whitewater experience up in the NW. What that man did was wise and brave and should be commended, not punished by pussy, fascist, by the book assholes.

14/6/10 2:19 PM  

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