Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bending The Facts To Fit The Message

Media is screaming about the North Koreans. Actually, Hillary Clinton serves a valuable function for us - anything she utters, believe the opposite. And this is what came out of her piehole the last couple days:

Clinton: NKorea must face consequences for attack

Clinton pushes for North Korea sanctions over ship's sinking

More than any other fascist mouthpiece, she, in her role as secretary of state, gives us an indication what the empire wants us to believe to set the stage for what they intend to do. And apparently, brinkmanship in east asia or all out war with North Korea is being planned, so we're to believe the Hermit Kingdom sank the Cheonan in March.
Don't ever bother asking qui bono, simply believe what you're told.
We're told this is the reason the North Koreans torpedoed and sank the South Korean warship:

U.S. Implicates North Korean Leader in Attack

"A new American intelligence analysis of a deadly torpedo attack on a South Korean warship concludes that Kim Jong-il, the ailing leader of North Korea, must have authorized the torpedo assault, according to senior American officials who cautioned that the assessment was based on their sense of the political dynamics there rather than hard evidence.
The officials said they were increasingly convinced that Mr. Kim ordered the sinking of the ship, the Cheonan, to help secure the succession of his youngest son."

Over two weeks ago this tidbit hit the wires, although it immediately was given the necessary spin to blame North Korea:

Probe concludes torpedo sank South Korea ship

"The metallic debris and chemical residue appear to be consistent with a type of torpedo made in Germany, indicating the North may have been trying to disguise its involvement by avoiding arms made by allies China and Russia, Yonhap quoted the official as saying."

Aside from Germany, who actually has German submarines and armaments?

Israel gets two more German submarines

"Including the two new ones, Israel has five German submarines -- the most expensive weapon platforms in Israel's arsenal."

Israeli subs passing through the Suez canal? No problem, says Egypt.


Anonymous nick z said...

If South Korea goes along with this absolutely biased investigation, without checking on all the facts, then it is just as dumbed-down as the brain-dead fauxified tea-partiers of the US.

24/5/10 1:24 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

It seems there are elements in SK that are totally controlled by the ziofascists and will act out whatever scenario that fits their big agenda, including total war if that's in the playbook.

24/5/10 4:31 PM  

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