Sunday, December 27, 2009

Corrupted Ziofascist Stooges Show Their True Colors

Aid convoy forbidden entry into Egypt

"December 27th - Over 500 people from 20 countries, in 250 vehicles loaded with Humanitarian Aid, are left stranded in Aqaba, Jordan, having been refused permission to enter Egypt. The Egyptian Government have placed 3 conditions on the convoy if it wants to enter Egypt.

1. We hand all our vehicles and aid over to UNRA.
2. We drive 500 miles back to Syria, and take a 24 hour ferry through the Suez Canal.
3. We ask Israel for permission to cross from Egypt to Gaza.

All 3 conditions have been flatly rejected by everyone on the convoy, as we want to cross into Gaza and hand our aid over to the Palestinians ourselves. For the 1st time, Egypt has now openly admitted that they are under control of Israel/US.

Today marks the 1st anniversary of the start of the 22 day massacre of over 1,400 people."

One Year On: Gaza Steadfast and Defiant amidst a World that has lost its Humanity



Blogger Irish4Palestine said...

I wrote about this today, I say it's time to bring the BDS campaign to Egypt, they are assisting Israel in murdering Palestinians. they are enablers and guilty of assisting war criminals with war crimes.
boycott Egypt

27/12/09 10:52 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

As for Egypt themselves, when the SHTF and the fascists get their widespread regional war, I'd assume the collaborators will be overthrown and purged by popular uprising. Funny thing about traitorous, self serving sellouts. They always think they're immune to the consequences of their criminal actions.

27/12/09 3:33 PM  
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