Sunday, July 26, 2009

US Position On Honduras Coup Anything But Neutral

What a surprise. The O administration is saying some things but doing exactly the opposite.
As far as Latin America is concerned, the foreign policy of this country has always been concerned with strangling the threat of a good example. Ousted president Manuel Zelaya was too much of a reformer for fascist sympathies.

The high-powered hidden support for Honduras' coup

"The country's rightful president was ousted by a military leadership that takes many of its cues from Washington insiders."

Despite Pledge to Cut Military Ties to Coup Regime, US Continues to Train Honduran Soldiers at School of Americas

"While the European Union cut off aid to the coup regime in Honduras, the United States continues the money flow, and while the US says it has cut military ties, the National Catholic Reporter reveals Honduran army officers are still receiving military training at the notorious School of the Americas in Fort Benning, Georgia."


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