Sunday, July 19, 2009

Possible New Impact On Jupiter


"Between the 17th & 19th of July 2009 a new impact area has appeared in the Southern Hemisphere of Jupiter. (South is up)
The image was taken in Australia."
“The jet-black mark is near Jupiter’s south pole (south is up in the image),” says Wesley. “I have imagery of that same location from two nights earlier without the impact mark, so this is a very recent event. The material has already begun to spread out in a fan shape on one side, and should be rapidly pulled apart by the fast jetstream winds."

I marvelled at the multiple impacts from shoemaker-levy 9 in 1994. They were easily seen in my 10 inch scope, an absolutely amazing thing when you consider the planet was almost a half billion miles away. A lot of those comet fragments would have been extinction level events if they had hit earth. It's a pool table out there.
Here's an HST image of impacts D and G


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