Sunday, May 24, 2009

Propaganda 101 - Owning the Terms Of Debate

Sometimes you have to wonder about these stupidly manufactured "terror" plots. The fascists always do things for multiple reasons so even though it's patently obvious this whole purported synagogue and plane downing idiocy is an entrapment propaganda set up, there seems to be a subtle but important shift in terms to frame the debate in the future.
Our overlords want to call all opposition to the fascist takeover of this country, treason. All political resistance will soon be called terror.
Take a peek at how the NYT quietly inserts the new vocabulary detailing the charges against the patsies 13 paragraphs into the propaganda piece:

IEDs are now "weapons of mass destruction"

"On Wednesday night, they planted one of the mock improvised explosive devices in a trunk of a car outside the temple and two mock bombs in the back seat of a car outside the Jewish center, the authorities said. Shortly thereafter, police officers swooped in and broke the windows on the suspects’ black sport utility vehicle and charged them with conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction within the United States and conspiracy to acquire and use antiaircraft missiles."

Thinking about blowing a car up is now the same as using poison gas or detonating a nuke. It's absolutely certain that in the future if you express dissatisfaction with what the overlords are doing, if you consider their unconstitutional behavior criminal, you will be considered a terrorist and charged with conspiracy to overthrow the government.


Anonymous nick z said...

Okay, if this is how they do it, then I propose we start calling the US ruling-class exactly what they are: Corporate Royalty.

Can anyone think of any other words we can use to put them in their place?

25/5/09 8:23 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Hands Up!

25/5/09 7:16 PM  

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