Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Self Parody At It's Finest

Rep Sam Graves apparently has an empty shell of a campaign going, so he gives us the
Liberal Values Dancers! Coming to steal your children

Graves knows his target audience and won't beat around the bush with any niceties here.
This thuddingly obtuse message is meant for the double wide, pale skinned mouthbreathers in fly over country, them drooling snake handlers whose family trees don't branch much. The point is of course race and resentment, as in a ~how dare them big city race traitors enjoy life while my fat ass is stuck in this here sweltering shithole~ kind of way.
For the benefit of you jesus camp commandos who think the video went by too fast, I'll help y'all out.

Yup, thems all blacks clinkin' glasses back there, and that aint Thunderbird they're swillin'


Next party Kay Barnes throws and this dude will be eyeballin' your 15 year old


That exclamation point music's to help you know these people are not like you!
Y'all know them brown hordes are comin' up to eyeball your 15 year old, don't you?


Yup, we're pointing out Sam who's lookin' nice 'n friendly like at your little blond 15 year old



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