Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"The Rich Have Already Eaten"*

Bay Area Shoppers Asked To Limit Rice Purchases


So how do we interpret what we're seeing suddenly, this worldwide food crisis? UN bloviators have bumped the issue of food costs to the top of the agenda of UN Agencies like
the Food and Agriculture Organization and the UN World Food Programme. Desperate pockets of hungry rioters have taken to the streets over high food prices in a bunch of countries. We're being told it's a perfect storm of converging factors like bad weather in key growing areas and biofuel production and, well, too many goddamn people.

There was a book published in 1967 called The Report From Iron Mountain that was supposedly "authored by a Special Study Group of fifteen men whose identities were to remain secret and that it was not intended to be made public." We all know the drill by now - inconvenient information that reaches the public is attacked as a fraud, the waters are muddied, there are claims and counter claims, innuendo flies and the sources smeared, and the stuff could even have been leaked as a psy-op. Whatever the validity of the book there's an interesting excerpt on page 7, paragraph 7:

"the mechanism of agriculture and the industrialization of the world was a terrible has led to, and presently supports, a mass of people who perform no indispensable service....consuming the limited resources and destroying the environment of the globe....which they...the Committee of 300 representing the 'preordained leaders' of the world, say is theirs.....the remedy...lies in destroying an economy based upon agricultural and industrial expansion, because these support larger and larger populations of unwanted 'useless eaters'."

The funny thing about that book was that subsequent confirmed sources of government doctrine read like parodies of Iron Mountain, and government disdain of us common folk can't be more obvious. Why would there be trillions spent on war and nothing spent on food policies? Why do schools have to raise money through bake sales while the military budget has no limit at all? Governments have the high tech capabilities to put a computer chip on a pellet the size of a grain of rice while rice harvests fail due to neglect in planning and funding. We ueless eaters have never been high on our overlords' to-do list, except maybe now when the time might have arrived to thin the herd.

It would be wrong to think that a world wide food shortage would have taken our manipulating masters by surprise. It's not like there hasn't been a hunger problem since forever for a sizable percentage of the planet's masses. And for them to push for switching crops to ethanol production when wheat blight just happens to be wasting grain crops all over Asia is all just a coincidence, I'm sure.

It may be that the oligarchy has reached the point in their agenda where they feel it's time to cull the world population down to more manageable levels. In this country there has never been a more intense period of power and wealth consolidation in history since the Bushistas were installed. The disparity between the mega wealthy and the many just-squeaking-by is staggering. Perhaps future ills can be averted, according the Kissingers of the world, by administering some medicine now before the numbers can't be controlled.

Whatever the real reasons for these food shortages that haven't been seen since WW2, there's one thing that's obvious - they're not going away any time soon and most likely will get far worse. I think a few things are going to accelerate the problem. First, we're just beginning to see price rises that are going to feed on themselves - fuel costs and a collapsing dollar equals some pug ugly times ahead. It really is true that if you're certain the money in your pocket is going to be worth less tomorrow, you better spend it today on the things you need. Now that the MSM herd mentality has decided to jump all over this breaking crisis, shortages will be in our faces 24/7 which will instill a sense of panic at some point, and then people will start hoarding. Since our society switched to a vulnerable just-in-time marketing system, the shelves will empty as soon as they're stocked. Of course if this was planned, widespread panic will be most welcome news for the fat cat manipulators.

Anybody who had paid attention over the years could have seen this coming and a painless long term preperation could have put them in a position not to be vulnerable. Sadly if the situation gets dire that ~half a loaf of wonder bread, a quart of stale milk and day old pizza in the fridge~ Fox audience won't have much recourse. There's still a little time to get essentials to last awhile without getting chipped and moving into a FEMA camp, and I sure wouldn't wait.
Say - isn't it true that beer is a great way to store bread?

*Rev. Andres Giron


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