Friday, November 30, 2007

Full Court Press On Venezuela

You know something is afoot in the back rooms at the CIA. Aside from the leaked memo which exposed the meddling in Venezuelan affairs which is so typical of the spook agency's activities the propaganda spewing MSM is going balls to the wall to demonize Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian movement.

Sunday Venezuelans will vote on a sweeping set of referendums but the only ones you'll hear about concern the ability for Chavez to run for re-election again:

"The tensions led the United States to break its silence. “We are concerned that people would not be able to have the free and fair elections that they deserve,” said Dana Perino, the White House spokeswoman."

It would be laughable how the lies come so fast and furious if it wasn't so desperately serious. US silence? Fascist disinfo mouthpiece Perino lecturing about free and fair elections? fucking gag me.

The Venezuelans intercepted and released a memo from the US embassy that was sent to the director of the CIA which detailed an "Operation Pincer" that suggested a lot more than finger wagging at Chavez. It seems the fascists are seeing this weekend's referendum as a window of opportunity to send the country into a chaotic death spiral that they can capitalize on. Order out of chaos and all that. The memo includes an implied a propaganda blitz, which seems to be true becuase you won't find anything about the CIA's planned coup in the corporate media:

"The CIA communication has been reported in articles filed by the Associated Press, but the Times and other major US news organizations have not mentioned it.
Instead, the Times today ran a column by Roger Cohen, which compares Chavez to the fascists of 1930s Europe, and which calls for defeat of the referendum. (Are Cohen and the Times part of the CIA's propaganda campaign?)
The Cohen column is so rabid that it would be almost comical, were it not for the fact that there is a real threat of a bloody CIA-inspired coup in the democratic nation of Venezuela."

Instead what you will find are misleading stories and outright lies about the referendum. In a prime example of sleight of hand reporting the headline here says "Poll suggests Venezuela's Chavez in 7-point referendum lead" but the story details a 16 point lead. Some websites are mysteriously down (late Friday evening). Just like everything else in this bizarre Bushista universe, an op-ed in Sunday's Washington Post by Von Rumsfeld turns reality upside down. The vote isn't merely about Chavez but is a pivotal turning point for the people of Venezuela. They will get to put their economic and social rights into law, something they could never have even dreamed about before Chavez. Of course this is horrifying to the fascists, who want to regain imperialistic control of the country and it's resources and once again exert dominion over the region. In short the US wants to stamp out democracy in Venezuela because it's a threat of a good example.

Regardless of how the vote turns out it appears that the US is determined to pull off it's fourth coup attempt in the country. Chavez's government knows this quite well and has threatened to cut off oil shipments to the US if it carries through with it's meddling, which makes this situation worth watching with close scrutiny.


Blogger Bpaul said...

"In short the US wants to stamp out democracy in Venezuela because it's a threat of a good example."

The U.S. has an absolutely consistent record of squelching any true democracies in Latin America, and although I agree it's a threat of a good example, I think the major motivators are economic. You have to dominate other countries, forcing them to take your exports and sell off their natural resources at bargain basement prices to "make correct use of the relationship" in neoconspeak.

Social justice is expensive and bad for business. They don't want it here in the U.S., they sure as shit don't want it in Latin America.

You know all this of course, excuse the rant.

I'll go back to studying Organic chemistry and stop procrastinating.

1/12/07 7:32 PM  
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