Thursday, December 21, 2006

Why is the US in Iraq?

The pentagon came out with a new report called "Measuring Stability and Security in Iraq". It's first paragraph states:
"The goal of U.S. engagement in Iraq is a
united, stable, democratic, and secure
nation, where Iraqis have the institutions and
resources they need to govern themselves
and to provide security for their country
Despite the lofty opening pronouncement the report goes on to categorize Codpiece's nightmarish catastrophe, although downplaying the magnitude. Almost all media outlets at least grudgingly accept the fact that Iraq is fast becoming a bloody killing zone where a million and a half of it's citizens have already fled the country and 100,000 more leave every month. Why is the reality of Iraq so different from the fuzzy stated mission?

Maybe Iraq today isn't just a problem that spiralled out of control by poor planning. Maybe all those mistakes and screwups after the invasion didn't just happen by chance. It's possible that there wasn't any "bad intelligence" that "misled" the administration in the first place. Maybe the Iraq we see today is precisely what our overlords had planned from the beginning.

Decisions were made right from the opening gun that ensured there were going to be massive problems. Infrastructure was obliterated and left to rot in disrepair. The US disbanded the Iraqi army and left them to organize the resistance. At least 250,000 tons of ordnance was deliberately left unguarded and was carried away by looters. Torture at places like Abu Ghraib wasn't just a few bad apples:
"Go past the executive summaries and press releases, however, and a careful reading of the reports reveals a different story. The devastating scandal of Abu Ghraib wasn't a failure of implementation, as Rice and other administration defenders have admitted. It was a direct--and predictable--consequence of a policy, hatched at the highest levels of the administration."
From the beginning the Bushistas activated a favored institution, familiar from years gone by and even implemented by the same criminals who formed them the first time in Central America - roving death squads. Add the assassinations, the false flag bombings, destruction of entire cities, shortages, and on and on. We have to realize that this consistent pattern of vicious criminality isn't just an accident - it was planned.

Corporate media isn't going to ever address this. All we'll see from them is effort to legitimize the crime and distract us with missing hikers and fallen beauty pageant winners. When they do cover the Iraqi shitheap it's done in a way to narrow the parameters of discussion. A favorite tactic going back to Vietnam. Instead of asking the obvious big picture questions they'll have a poll like this one from ABC:

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or this from CBS:

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Whatever the hell succeed means at this point.

If we're going to believe that our miserable quagmire was planned we have to put ourselves in the fascists' shoes and determine what we would have done differently. That's pretty easy - leaving the infrastructure alone then improving it, giving far more initial effort to integrate the various political and religious entities, securing the borders and those ammo dumps, observing strict oversight on contractors, delivering massive aid to the people. Of course this is assuming we had any goddamn right to do what we did in the first place.

But the biggest question of all is - why did the US invade Iraq? After all, the stated reasons were all huge lies, every one of them.
With an almost four year track record to observe I think the answer is obvious. The complete and utter disintegration of a once proud and prosperous Arab neighbor of Israel. The theft of natural resources and the theft of our tax money. Endless civil strife to ensure destruction. Permanent presence in the heart of those resources to extend the Empire's reach.
When you think about results like that, maybe Codpiece really did believe he did a good job back then.

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Blogger nina said...

exactly--wtf is success in iraq mean? hundreds of thousands more dead, environmental death, torture for the accused, trauma to the innocent, contaminated soil, elimination of infrastructure, birth defects, high cancer rates......all so that maybe one day there will be no more fighting???? it's time to redefine the word insanity. keep it simple. insanity: the war in iraq

22/12/06 11:24 AM  
Blogger Laurie said...

That's an interesting take on this administration's intentions. If you're right, and chaos was both foreseen and wanted, how do you believe they decided to handle public backlash? Was it just easily dismissed, or was there a plan to win over our hearts and minds as well?

That article you cited calls Abu Ghraib Bush's "biggest scandal"--after six years in office, do you agree?

I've been hearing people like Bill O'Reilly ask various people, "Do you want us to win [in Iraq]?" I recently read The Price of Loyalty, which chronicles Paul O'Neill's brief tenure as Secretary of Treasury. In it, he discusses how "winning" or "victory" can't always be equated with doing the right thing, and that's what the Bushies don't want you to consider. This is a prime example of when "winning" is the wrong thing.

23/12/06 2:48 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Well, I believe Abu Ghraib is the most flagrant bellwether of this admins sickening attitude towards human rights and it was positively an instituted policy to inflame Arab anger and resentment. It's hard to grasp how venal that decision was. As far as american backlash was concerned, in a better world the fascists would have been strung up by their thumbs; as it was they could count on public apathy and the lapdog corporate media to soft pedal the issue.

23/12/06 6:43 PM  
Anonymous Begonia Buzzkill said...

Neighbor's son came back from serving in Iraq, got seriously drunk from the moment he wakes up and seriously talkative.

He stated that he and his brethern troops were ORDERED to load explosives in the trunk of a car, give instructions and shopping list to a native Iraqi and have him drive to the market for the supplies, they would follow the car and use a remote to explode the car when in a crowded shopping area.

He said that way, the local Iraqi who was IN the car took the blame and instigated retaliatory violence within the tribal communities which was the goal of the entire process.

Since I've heard similar things from the grape vines, I don't doubt this kid at all.

The horrific implications are obvious and to witness this kid laughing and laughing at the memory and slapping his leg during the telling was even more horrific to see how "removed" from humanity he had become.

17/1/07 3:13 PM  
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