Sunday, September 11, 2005

Something tells me that the official count of the dead from the gulf storm is going to be a lot different than estimates up to now. New Orleans is locked down tight with tens of thousands of national guard, cops and Blackwater mercs.

Couple that with a de facto ban on media reportage and one gets a sneaky suspicion that black tuesday might still be champ of the dead victim numbers. I mean look at the mileage the bushistas got for the last 4 years from endlessly chanting 9/11 in our ears. Somehow the PR machine short circuited for Katrina and this World Class Fuckup stood naked in the daylight for the world to see. Can't use that botched relief job to propel Little Boots to sainthood, hurricane season only lasts so long, so the storm can't be seen as a worse disaster to knock the luster off the Big Event that's been used to bring us hell on earth.


The dead haven't even been counted, shit there are probably even people still trapped in their attics and the rapacious scumbags have awarded no bid reconstruction contracts to, (drumroll please!) Halliburton! Who would have guessed?


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