Friday, February 26, 2010

Prehistoric Humans May Have Had Writing

Cave symbols hint at 30,000-year-old origins of written communication

"A graphic code uncovered by researchers at the University of Victoria suggests that written communication may have started 30,000 years ago.
Compiling the cave signs of nearly 150 sites across Ice Age France, researchers found striking similarities that suggest human beings may have used a graphic language made up of simple lines and geometric shapes to communicate shortly after the first African civilizations arrived in Europe.
UVic graduate student Genevieve von Petzinger said in an interview yesterday that some patterns and symbols remained in use across the sites for 20,000 years, suggesting that the "creative explosion" occurred tens of thousands of years earlier than previously thought. Her findings were published last week by New Scientist.
Ms. von Petzinger said these geometric shapes had been described and noted by past scholars, but were deemed "unimportant" alongside images of horses and other animal shapes.
"The [signs] are pretty boring actually," she said. "They're just scraped into the rock with no embellishments, but over all they're transmitting information about abstract things we can't see in the real world, which makes it different from the meaning behind the animal shapes."
Further, 26 signs illustrated in a consistent style were found across the sites using images from a digital archive. While the illustrations may be rudimentary - composed of circles, straight lines and triangles - she said they suggest the seeds of a prehistoric mode of communication."

Wonderful revelations just keep on coming. Recently those stone tool discoveries on Crete rewrote the textbooks on human seafaring, pushing the accepted dates for navigation back perhaps hundreds of thousands of years. Funny how there are 26 letters in the english alphabet also.

Call me a wacko, but as I look around at life I see cyclic phenomena everywhere, in essence, vibration. I have to assume human consciousness also operates in cycles much like the Vedic Yugas. So civilizations have risen and fallen repeatedly with most knowledge and advances lost during the dark periods. It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if this process has been ongoing for millions upon millions of years as Cremo suggests in "Forbidden Archeology", a compendium of most interesting OOPARTS, out of place artifacts. These are tools, skeletons, artwork and fossils that were found in the most improbable of places which don't conform to science dogma, but there they are, studiously ignored by the textbooks. I'm not taken by surprise with these finds, only that they sometimes get reported in media.


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