Monday, May 11, 2009

So Was Saberi A Spy, And If So, For Who?

Roxana Saberi is a lucky woman. She could have been sentenced to death for spying on Iran's military facilities but instead is being freed by the Iranians. No doubt an awful lot of pressure was applied and the Iranians felt continued incarceration was bad for PR.

Most corporate news stories, if they mentioned who she was accused of spying for, cited the US. But everything about this woman appears to be convoluted and more complicated than it seems. She's the offspring of an Iranian born father and Japanese mother. She is a dual citizen of Iran and the US but that's not recognized by the Iranians. Her press credentials were yanked in Iran in 2006 but she continued working as a journalist. She said she was arrested for buying a bottle of wine but the Iranians said it was for working without a press card and espionage. She fasted in jail but didn't fast. She wants to be taken as a Serious Journalist but has the fluffiest of backgrounds, vying for the title of Miss America as Miss North Dakota.

I've tried to find information about her spying accusations but to be honest there isn't much and her court proceedings are secret. But there's lots of circumstantial evidence that she could have been gathering intelligence for zionist interests.

Ziofascists have a history of spying on Iran, with a spy ring busted and convicted in 2000 and another exposed just last month. There's heightened awareness in that country because of all the bellicose rhetoric emanating form Tel Aviv, and all during the Bushista rule this country spent hundreds of millions of our dollars supporting terrorist opposition groups and spying operations in Iran. Some of that money went to news organizations employing Roxana. She apparently decided it was a better idea to operate without a license, underground, rather than transparently as she had previously. "Iranian intelligence officers were perturbed by a trip she had taken to Israel, but Saberi was able to persuade the judge that her visit had no questionable intent." And there's the curious fact that her arrest and detention had been very closely monitored by jewish organizations and her plight vigorously championed by Hillary Clinton, an Israel firster by any definition.

According to reports from Iran, Saberi supposedly was caught trying to purchase information regarding Iran's nuclear program.

But she was let go on a seeming technicality - "According to statements from Saberi's lawyer, the court determined that the espionage charge was not valid since the US is not an enemy government, but could not ignore that the nature of Saberi's actions had posed a threat to Iranian national security." Since the US is tied at the hip with Israel it's hard to say who she would have been benefitting with intelligence since the court records are sealed. Evidence is usually never forthcoming when people are charged with spying in this country so that doesn't mean much.

With the long ugly record of meddling in Iranian affairs that the US has, and with the almost daily threat of Israeli bombings, it's possible this affair is solely a drama of nervosness and publicity, or maybe she was just an unwitting intelligence gathering zionist shill. After the tug of war she was lucky to get out unscathed. In any case it's a good thing the situation wasn't reversed and she was nabbed by the CIA.



Blogger spooked said...

she worked for FOXNEWS? Well that settles it-- she's an agent of some sort.

12/5/09 6:13 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Haha, a dead giveaway.
The biggest tip off however, is that she worked clandestine for several years where her travel and actions weren't logged in officially. Pretty stupid, actually because the Iranians were most likely quite interested in her activities and monitored them. Saberi is supposedly a jewish surname. She probably went a little too far and they nailed her.

12/5/09 9:28 AM  

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