Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pope Rat Visits Holocaust Museum, Avoids Gaza

Great message the One True Church sends here after the Gazan massacre.
And he still can't please his hosts.

Pope tiptoes around controversy in visit to Israel’s Holocaust memorial

"Pope Benedict XVI visited Israeli Holocaust memorial Yad Vashem Monday, laying a wreath and speaking words of Scripture in what many hoped would be a historic move towards mending Jewish-Christian relations."
"But he did not visit the museum’s permanent exhibit, avoiding finer points of contention between the Jewish state and the Vatican. In the museum, a caption under a photo of Pius XII – the pope during World War II – says that his papacy was silent as Nazis rounded up Jews across Europe and sent them to their deaths."
"The pope has also come under fire for lifting the excommunication order for a bishop who denied the Holocaust occurred."
"Some Israelis listening closely, however, expressed dismay that he spoke in general, almost global, terms and avoided specifics. Israel’s Channel One television reported that the museum directorate was “disappointed.” Several Israeli commentators said that his words paled in comparison to the visit of Pope John Paul II to the memorial in 2000."


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