Saturday, May 09, 2009

Illuminati Utopia On The Steppe

It seems the worldwide fascist death cult has it's tentacles deeply involved in central Asia. Ask anyone what they know about countries like Turkmenistan or Kazakhstan and the answer will probably be not much, probably considering them poor, desolate backwaters, but when the Soviet Union broke up the fascists rushed in to exert their influence so central Asia is definately uppermost on their minds. After 9/11 Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan even hosted US military bases.

Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan and it represents our overlords' vision for the future, our future. It has an amazing archetectural boom going on which is shot through with occultish symbolism. The city is one gigantic construction site backed by enormous oil deposits. Just like the Denver airport the occult worship is freely on display but will go pretty much unnoticed by casual observers.
All the world's "elite" are in on this game to one extent or another. You can find symbols for their upcoming New World Order all over the globe. But the fascists have special plans for the eurasian supercontinent with it's vast natural resources; probably the best evidence can be found in Obama's pal Brzezinski and his opus "The Grand Chessboard". It's no coincidence that the empire is about to rachet the conflicts up in Afghanistan and Pakistan - that gigantic new military base in Afghanistan won't be just for show.

Bayterek tower, based on mythological tree of life

a NWO pyramid of the sun on the steppe


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you know, where exactly is the pyramid photo from, please?

25/8/10 1:34 PM  
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