Saturday, October 21, 2006

Play Acting For The Core Supporters

So the situation in Codpiece Commander's failed satrapy is disintegrating by the hour and the midterm election cycle is fast approaching. Apparently his handlers thought it best to make Bush look like he's doing something, although his generals probably just posed together for some WTF sessions, but we'll never know:
"The White House did not allow reporters to cover either and provided few details after each, but did release an official photo of Saturday's meeting."

But apparently afraid that his delusional supporters might get the impression that the administration is wimping out, we get repeated droning insistance that we're staying the course no matter how idiotic it is to do so.

Of course they are. It would take an act of Jeebus to dislodge the american military presense from Iraq at this point. The US military is going to be stationed there for the foreseeable future in one manner or another. It ain't going anywhere. The problem is to find a positive spin to the permanent presense in country. Does this numbing insistence on pursuing murderous, shitty policy have some other purpose besides keeping the military in Iraq?

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You bet it does. It's to impress the dead-from-the-neck-up troglodytes that the Codpiece and his cabal are resolute, purposeful and unflinching in the face of reality. That no matter how their despicable conquest is collapsing around their expeditionary force's ears, no matter how bloody wrong it was to waste countless lives and treasure, they are sticking to their rotten decision making and that's that. You see, what's important is that Codpiece looks like he's unshakable, not that policy or anything else works. What they're doing is playing to their mouth breathing home audience.

It's a crowd that feeds on the pretense that Bush is a courageous war time commander who never makes a mistake. That eats up those Rovian photo ops and filthy lies about why this war began and how swimmingly it's progressing. Who's world view revolves around faith based psychosis and adoration of authority figures. Who seemingly have an endless capacity for cognitive dissonance.

You know, the Good Germans.


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