Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Impending Imbroglio

This November is shaping up to be interesting indeed.

A lot has been written about how the country is turning away from the republicans and the dems are poised to take back the house after 12 years. And maybe the senate also. With a list of repug scandals and screwups that just keep accumulating, if this were a better world that would seem to be a given. But this isn't that world and the dynamics are shaping up for a lot of chaos next month.

As I've said before the repugs have two choices (well, three, if they choose to cancel the whole thing) on Nov. 7. They can use their classic election day shenanigans and rigged electronic voting machines to fix the vote count. They stole the last three elections and if anyone thinks this one will be cleaner, they're crazy. Or they can admit that the democrats win and hope that they won't be investigated for their many crimes over the years. Even though Pelosi says a democrat controlled house won't impeach there's always the threat of retribution after 12 years of getting kicked around.

The other factor that's in play is the buildup of naval forces near Iran. I think war with Iran is inevitable. It's always been the big prize in the fascist/zionist agenda and it's only a matter of timing. I thought a wider regional war in the middle east was the most important next step for them but now it seems the situation has changed somewhat. As little as a month ago it appeared that they were going to use a new war to keep the repug faction of the overlords in office. The old don't change horses in midstream metaphor. I think it won't happen like that now. It appears to me the fascists changed their game plan.

Leading up to Nov. 7 they've been very busy. The stock market hit all time highs this year with a little help from mysterious sources. The price of gas is lower than the summer. Fraudulant media reports are trying to convince us that repugs are staging a comeback. The manipulators have cranked up the fear factor. Leading repugs say don't even mention the war. Diebold is set to once again use it's technology to tweak the vote count and irregularities in the system abound. It looks for all the world like there are forces at play to at least convince the voters that everything is just humming along per usual and yep, it's gonna be one of them nip and tuck races.

However, after Foley's Mastergate hit the GOP (Grand Old Perverts) like a body blow, I think they realized their position in this election cycle was in a lot more trouble than it should have been. In more realistic polls they're very far behind, though Rove uses a different math than the rest of us. We're seeing a redoubling of effort to make us think it won't be a blowout. Unlike the last three elections though, this time the fraud will be quite evident when the strange upsets come one after the other in the crucial races, completely contrary to polls.

Here's a prediction. The repugs will pull their election stealing bullshit and the uproar will be enormous in the days following the theft. Contests will be challenged, recounts demanded and chaos will rein supreme and the media will carry the news of one giant clusterfuck that will make Mexico look serene by comparison.

Until a massive war with Iran sweeps it all off the table.


Blogger gary said...

OK, I posted your prediction on my blog and my own (no Iran war, Dems win.) I hope that I do better than I did on my "Kerry wins" prediction. I lost $20 on that one.

26/10/06 10:35 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

I humbly concede that my analysis was wrong. There is some new skullduggery afoot however.

9/11/06 6:21 PM  

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