Monday, October 23, 2006

Going Quietly, or Not

I've got no illusions about the military dictatorship that we're now subjects to. Using their 9/11 gift to the people of NY and Washington as the progenitor and injecting fear as the lubricant, our fascists rammed their draconian Patriot act and Military Commissions act down our throats. They pretend it's to protect us from terrorists, but these traitorous laws are meant to protect the criminals in Washington from us.

"The Bush dictatorship just got its green light for army law. The Military Commissions Act sets up military tribunals to kill the enemies of Zion. We won't have roadblocks right away but they're coming. Have you flown lately? Militarized police will be setting up checkpoints where we'll have to stop on our way to Safeway so they can check our travel papers. Not this year, maybe not next year. But that's what's coming. They'll be looking for terrorists. Since I'm considered a terrorist, they'll be looking for me. You, too, since you're reading this. They'll be looking for us all but they can't get us all. If we handle this right, they won't get any of us."

As a blogger who sees and makes note of this happening I am also under no illusions that what I write won't escape the thought police. Using their super computers and web sniffing programs anyone who expresses opposition will catch their attention and will be labeled a "terrorist sympathizer". What filthy plans they've laid for us is anyone's guess, but detention camps and the new military star chambers offer some hints.

"The Military Commissions Act means martial law. The army or militarized police can now arrest us and put us in some kangaroo "tribunal" and either make us disappear or kill us for a variety of unjust causes. They've had lots of practice lately, and doing it to us the way they've been doing it to Moslems and reporters shouldn't be much of a stretch."

I'm not a criminal but I've had to do a lot of soul searching to realize that at the whim of a fascist, dictatorial police state, I could instantly be branded a threat from just manifesting and exchanging ideas.The tell tale indications are there that all it would take is some phony terrorist act and a lot of people like me would instantly be called a terrorist.

"The concentration camps and the planned round-ups are real but they all depend on one thing: our cooperation. If we don't cooperate, then it won't work."

The author of the above has it exactly right. We have to face the stark reality that our lives have completely changed in the last few years. We have to make some very tough decisions and can't rely on legal safeguards or due process. This is the most dangerous hour in our lives for us, our loved ones and for our country. What will you do when there's that loud rap on your door in the middle of the night?

"Our treacherous "leaders" have finally revealed what rats they really are, and what they really planned all along. They will be depending on the secret police to eliminate their enemies. If the secret police can't do that, then all their dirty plans go up in smoke, just as they did in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon. They have declared war on us and so we must respond in kind. There's no peaceful way to stay alive. It's either this way, or the highway to hell."


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