Monday, December 26, 2005

Two Views about Iran

“This notion that the United States is getting ready to attack Iran is simply ridiculous...Having said that, all options are on the table.”– Resident Dimwit, February 2005

One thing that has struck me while reading news reports and essays across the electronic universe is Israel's (and by implication the US) talk of attacking Iran. There's been a constant media background noise about Iran's supposed nuclear program, which no one says actually exists, but may someday. Sound familiar? There's just been a lot of finger pointing, accusations, denials and planted stories to keep Iran and Attack in the news.

What makes this peculiar is that if it's going to happen it's the most telegraphed upcoming preemptive military strike in history. Yeah, everybody knew Iraq was going to be invaded aside from what little boots and his lying cabal were saying. But Iraq couldn't do much about it after crippling sanctions and isolation, leaving it weak and vulnerable. Iran, on the other hand, is militarily strong and most certainly has WMDs, and can readily acqire the latest warfare technology with an abundance of oil revenue. What's also peculiar is that Israel certainly knows the value of surprise. So why all this heavy breathing about war?

Maybe this provides an answer -
"U.S. Congress approves $600 million aid for Israel"

So extortion and fearmongering are nothing new. Hell, that's near the top of the bushista playbook here in this country. And AIPAC has ensured that our congress is the best that money can buy.

Shi'a Iran is no real threat to Israel, the only nuclear power in the middle east. Syria would be a far more likely target for the zionist monsters as it's within a potential Greater Israel. Iran isn't Arabic, it's Persian. Iran is three times the size of Iraq with three times the population. It has a formidable military and has strategic partnerships with Russia and China. As far as the US military is concerned, the treasonous scum in Washington have insured that it is stretched thin and weak and bogged down in a quagmire in Iraqnam. So an attack on Iran wouldn't seem likely.

However there's one more situation in the mix - Iran's upcoming oil bourse. (bourse -stock exchange for securities trading) Beginning in 3 months, the Tehran government has plans to begin competing with New York's NYMEX and London's IPE in international oil trades. They're going to trade in petroeuros. This is seriously bad news for the dollar.

According to James Petras "An Israeli air and commando attack on Iran will have catastrophic military consequences for US forces and severe loss of human life in Iraq, most likely ignite political and military violence against pro-US Arab-Muslim regimes, such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt, perhaps leading to their overthrow."
You won't hear much about this in our country with it's controlled media. What you will hear is a new onslaught of lies ala Iraq. If the money and power obsessed psychos aren't stopped, the middle east could burn this spring.


Blogger arcataradical said...

excellent comment on the oil bourse, I wasn't aware of that angle... I think things are going to get really interesting in about three to four months, when expansion of war meets expansion of resistance. It's a little odd talking about it at this point because so few people know what's about to happen. But I read recently in Ha'aretz that this was the most public build-up to an attack ever, even though the majority public opinion in Israel prefers a diplomatic resolution. It looks like Ahmadinejad prefers the "hard way" - I guess he thinks his position is really that strong.
Whatever Iran was paying Chalabi, they sure got their money's worth.

27/12/05 12:58 AM  

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